Wednesday, February 3, 2010

40 Days

“All that I wanted were things I had before.
All that I needed I never needed more.
All of my questions are answers to my sins.
All of my endings are waiting to begin.”

From Circle by Slipknot

Well, I've finally finished the synopsis Lost Gods, and there's only five or six minor details to work out in the manuscript itself. That being said, my wife has revealed some frustration with me because I told her I would take a break from all things Lost Gods. For some reason, I have just been unable to shut off my brain. I keep jotting down notes fro LG sequels. I keep wondering what the future holds. Son and so on and so on. So... I was inspired by my wife's frustration, as well as by an upcoming religious tradition. I've been inspired to pull the plug... for forty days--my own personal Lent (mind you, I'm not Catholic or Lutheran). No internet and nothing Lost Gods. No Farmville and no email beginning Friday, February 5th. You know what that means? By St. Patrick's Day, I will be sick to death of doing Sudoku at work. I might even make it an annual tradition of my own. I shall name it Gráðr which means 'hunger' in Old Norse. I'm hungry to be published, but not as hungry as I'll be if my wife isn't happy. Ta-ta! Toodle-loo! See you in forty days or so.