Wednesday, June 23, 2010

If You Belive in Lost Gods, Please Read

June 16th, 2010

Okay, so, Mill City Press is awesome. Yes, there’s a sizable upfront cost, but, as the saying goes, you have to spend money to make money. Right? And what MCP would be doing with my money is working their butt off to sell my book. Nearly everything I was planning to do myself is part of their premium plan and as far as I can tell they do everything a big-house publisher does for their authors. I have to have the book professionally edited in order to be eligible for the premium plan, so in total, it’s going to cost me over $5300 upfront. That sounds like a lot of money… and it is, but if I can sell 1100 t-shirts with $5 profit each, I’ve got it. I can do this, but not without God and not without the help of my family and friends.

No, I’m not asking you to stand on a street corner with a box of t-shirts, but what you can do is spread the word. Send everyone you know to once I let you know that I have the new logo uploaded. Have a link in your email signature. Put up fliers (look at the album in my Facebook photos marked “Fliers”) anywhere you’re able. I’m not asking anyone to donate anything. If you want to, that’s fine. I won’t turn it down. My good friend Kyle has already given me the first $20 and I am eternally grateful. God will bring me $5300, one way or another.

I hope to talk with someone about working on the logo here in the next couple of days. Sometimes it seems like I’m taking that test where you put the shaped blocks into the right holes and I’ve got a round block and someone keeps moving the round hole just before I insert the block. It’s initially frustrating, but when I think about who it is that’s moving the hole and why He’s moving the hole, there’s an inner peace that washes through me. Every time I hear a crow, I hear God saying, “It’s all right. I got you.”

I will be starting a new blog after this one. Look for The Raven’s Post. I will not be using my napalmcocktail email anymore. It’s gotten too spamerrific.

“All that I wanted were things I had before. All that I needed I never needed more. All of my questions are answers to my sins. All of my endings are waiting to begin.”
From Circle by Slipknot

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